Post Construction Cleaning Guide

You have found the ideal gateway for the construction of your property, and your house is finished! all you have to do is move in. But before!

Your home needs a good deal of post-construction cleaning to be clean and fully available.

To achieve this objective, a cleaning corresponding to the work carried out must be developed and followed to the letter.

Follow in four (04) steps how it works!

Step 1: Remove clumps of soil and dust

This step will consist of getting rid of bulky piles of soil, wood remains, dust …

For storage rooms, just with gloved hands, it will be fine, the dust can be removed with an industrial vacuum cleaner.

Step 2: Clean after laying the tiles

To remove sails and traces of cement, traces of rust, scaling up, etc. Use a cement remover diluted in water.

Then dump mixes on the floor and use a deck washer to scrub and remove stains embedded on the floor. Note that this cleaning must be done after the adhesive is completely dry, approximately 48 hours after laying the joints.

Step 3: Clean up after painting

It is clear that before doing the painting you have spread plastic or newspaper to protect your floor so that it is easier to clean with the products.

  • Effective products for your floor

Degreasing detergents can provide sanitation and deodorization to your surfaces (walls, ceilings, etc.). Like for example baking soda. This product is particularly effective for cleaning very greasy tiles. Here’s how to use it:

Coat the tiles with a paste composed of 60% baking soda and 60% water.

Leave on for about 2 hours and rinse thoroughly with clean water.

  • Suitable cleaning accessories

It’s great to find the right product, but it’s important to choose the ideal equipment with which the products will be used. Make sure you have:

  • A single-disc machine: for the maintenance of your floor
  • A scrubber: for cleaning and drying your floor
  • A sweeper: to get rid of dry or wet waste

And now you have the minimum to maintain your home.

If, however, you are short on time for all of these tasks, know that there are professionals who can do them for you. Indeed, there are structures that offer cleaning services after work.