Some little-known uses of toothpaste

What to clean with toothpaste?

For most men, toothpaste is only for brushing. It is obvious! But, you can use it for many other things. For a more exquisite cleaning, the white paste can come in handy on various occasions. Find out right away the basics of what you can do with toothpaste as well as some tips from a cleaning company

What to clean with toothpaste?

You can use toothpaste to purify containers. With this product, you will easily eliminate the odours contained in the bottles or thermos. You can also use it to remove the most stubborn stains from your clothes. The white paste can easily bring clarity to your gold or diamond jewelry. It also makes it possible to plug a hole. A cleaning company or cleaning company can use it to make shower doors and sinks cleaner and brighter.

Revive your car’s dirty and scratched headlights by using toothpaste after a first cleaning with soap and water. Also consider rejuvenating your white or light shoes tinted black or gray. For this fact, you can simply rub them with toothpaste and get an impressive shine.

It is also used to make laptop screens and irons look newer. Don’t just think about using soap to remove fish, onion … odours from your hands. Toothpaste is more effective. Try! Even in ecological cleaning, this white paste can intervene.

In short, toothpaste can do a lot of things for you. You will need it for general household cleaning. You can also use it in office cleaning, professional cleaning and even industrial cleaning.