Cleaning Tips For Saving Energy

There are many small, simple everyday things that can save you energy and reduce your annual consumption. We go around with a few easy-to-implement actions. In terms of household appliances, it is possible to save energy easily.

Advice on the fridge and freezer

Always leave a space between the wall and the fridge so that the air can circulate normally. Likewise, do not stick the device next to a heat source such as an oven, hob or gas stove. This is important so that the refrigerator does not consume too much and does not overheat.

Likewise, it is advisable to use the fridge to thaw food that comes out of the freezer. Indeed, the cold that will come out of the food will naturally cool the other foods, the consumption of electricity of the food will therefore decrease.

It is also necessary to defrost on a regular basis. Indeed, a frosted fridge consumes much more electricity than a normal fridge. The consumption of the device can even increase by 30%. Energy savings are therefore immediately palpable when the device is properly maintained. In general, maintaining your fridge properly saves energy.

In addition, the more the device has an energy label close to A +++, the more energy efficient the device will be. The consumption of the fridge can be reduced by 60% with a high-performance appliance. This technique can also allow you to save energy. You should know that the cleaner an oven is, the more energy it will be.

The oven

For your oven to be efficient, it is strongly recommended that you wash it regularly and remove any grease that may appear on the walls. Indeed, beyond more rapid wear, a poorly maintained oven can become energy intensive over time. To do this, use the ecological and economical solution over harsh and potentially toxic cleaning products: every 3 months, use baking soda mixed with water, apply it to the walls of the oven and rinse with a sponge.

The dishwasher and the consumption of electricity and water

On a dishwasher, it is advisable to remove the scale several times a year to keep your appliance efficient. To save energy, the “eco” program will reduce the appliance’s electricity and water consumption without significantly changing the efficiency of the washing, which will be of high quality. In addition, it is always advisable to run a wash when the appliance is full and not when it is half empty. As with the fridge, the new appliances with A labels are more efficient.

Baths and showers

It is recommended that you take showers rather than baths because you will save water on your bill. Likewise, for showers, it is better to opt for a shower head that delivers a moderate flow while maintaining efficiency.

When it comes to cleaning, opt for the economical solution again: baking soda, lemon and white vinegar will be your best allies. To clean the joints, toothpaste can also be invaluable.

A cheaper energy contract

Finally, to save on your energy bill, we also advise you to choose an energy contract that is suited to your consumption and less expensive. It should be noted that since the opening up of the energy market to competition in 2007, it is possible to choose the energy suppliers of your choice. The two historical suppliers EDF and Engie still exist and sell the regulated tariffs in force in their area, namely electricity for EDF and gas for Engie. 

In addition, there are now around 30 so-called alternative energy suppliers. You will find a list on this link of electricity suppliers in France. By comparing the different offers of the suppliers, it is therefore possible to take out cheaper energy contracts, which will allow you to save energy.