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Soft washing is a way of cleaning that uses techniques that use low pressure and specialized soap-like solutions to clean surfaces like the exterior of houses. The method does not destroy materials such as shingles, paintwork, wood panels, windows and those found on the exterior of houses. Soft washing is ideal for those who want to protect their surfaces against serious damage which can be caused by regular methods like the push and pull method, also known as regular methods and is really popular in areas with cold climates. By choosing this method they will end up saving themselves lots of time and money by ensuring that their surfaces remain intact.

Power washing is actually a force of water, or head pressure, so it can get down and scrub to the roots of tough dirt and stubborn mildew. For things like siding, gutters and painted surfaces we may use soft washing which uses detergents to soften and lift stains in a gentler way without using very much power. The reason for this is that these surfaces tend to be delicate and might otherwise be harmed easily by an aggressive high-pressure sprayer that can really damage them if mishandled. 

Our Soft Wash Solution

Water. The majority of our soft wash solution is water. The amount of water required to produce the amount of soap that goes into each washing is dependent on what surface is being cleaned. Generally, between 94% and 99% of water goes into our detergents for cleanses! ​

Sodium Hypochlorite. This is the active ingredient in bleach. It removes and inhibits the regrowth of mold spores, algae, moss, lichen and any other plants or fungi growing in your home. The amount of Sodium Hypochlorite is precisely major for the job. Our mix generally consists of approximately 1-3% sodium hypochlorite solution for house washing to about 10-12% sodium hypochlorite solution for roof cleaning.

We add surfactants to our cleaning products at such a small percentage that you won’t even notice that they’re there, and it is just enough so we can get your dishes cleaner than ever. We use two varieties of surfactants in our water-free formulas — Applewash and Elemonator — and each one helps your bottle and dishes shine way more than before!

What Are the Benefits of Soft Washing in Ottawa?

Safe and effective. Soft washing is done with the utmost care so it is safe for your surroundings, especially if you have children or pets who share your living space! We all want to maintain a healthy, eco-friendly cleaning environment for everyone in our communities.

Long-lasting results. We use specialized soft washing solutions to safely and gently remove stains and dirt from your property’s surfaces. The solution removes all organic material, preventing its regrowth. After soft washing your surfaces, we apply a protective sealant that protects them from dirt and grime. This ensures long lasting results.

Aesthetics. Your home should always be appealing to visitors or the public eye, as you want to leave a good impression on people. Whether it’s a potential client coming by for a sales presentation or a guest stopping by for dinner, you don’t want them leaving less than impressed by your property’s exteriors. Through soft washing, we will restore and maintain your property’s aesthetics which promotes your business’ or home’s overall feel at any given time of the year. By taking care of even the smallest details, your property will look kept and fresh – not only giving people a truly comfortable experience but also giving you that extra edge over others who don’t take as much time into their presentation.

Why Hire us for your Ottawa Soft Washing Needs

Specialized and Expert Services. Our soft washing team is a group of highly-skilled cleaning experts in Ottawa who know their way around any surface of a home without causing damage. They are well-versed in techniques for cleaning even the most delicate parts of one’s property using safe materials that won’t harm or stain surfaces.

With every project we undertake, we aim to achieve an exceptional outcome for our clients. Every time we embark on a soft washing job, we tailor our services specifically to your needs and leave you with the kind of clean that makes surfaces sparkle and glisten in all their glory.

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Our Ottawa trained technicians know that not all surfaces react the same way to different premises power washes. Our system is designed to treat surfaces like siding, roof shingles, window screens and painted surfaces using soft washing methods, but for surfaces that can actually withstand highly-pressurized water, we use power washing methods. These include driveways, sidewalks, parking lots, gutters, brick walls and certain patios, decks and fences. A

 top main reason why homeowners hire professional power washers instead of attempting it themselves is they don’t want to worry about wearing themselves out or damaging neighbouring properties with pressure washes that are too powerful. Our free instant quote service is an excellent way for us to share which method works best for your cleaning needs so there’s less chance of unforeseen damage post-cleaned property.

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