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Ottawa Window Cleaning Services

Get a Clear View of the Beauty Outside of Your Home

Window cleaning not only helps your home look nice and modern but also helps to improve air quality and light up a dark interior space. Keeping the views piquant and pristine is what we do best and we’re confident in the immediate results we provide for our customers. When you call us, we can make arrangements to suit your schedule and arrange for a convenient appointment time that works with your agenda. We’re eager to wrap up all of your window cleanings in no time at all so reach out to us today!

Why Choose us for Window Cleaning?

We pay very close attention to detail. We clean the inside and outside of your windows leaving them beautifully shiny, streak-free, and spotless. Our cleaning services in Ottawa also include window screens, sills, thresholds, frames, and tracks. We are punctual & reliable – we’ll arrive on time in a complete service vehicle that’s unmarked to reduce any distractions from our technicians providing your home or business with an impeccable polished finish. Each of our cleaners has been background checked and well-trained not to scratch any surfaces from mildew to dirt. Your windows will require no maintenance from you after we’ve cleaned them!

Benefits of Hiring a Window Cleaning Professional

Hiring a professional to clean your windows is an intelligent choice for multiple reasons. For one thing, it will give you some more time to do whatever it is that you enjoy doing. On the other hand, though cleaning windows yourself can be tiring work so having someone who really knows what they are doing shine up your windows will save you the trouble of wasting extra energy on this project.

Prevent Damage To Your Windows

Windows can be costly to replace and hard to clean if not taken care of properly. If you or someone in your family chooses to perform this task, you might end up with cracked, chipped or broken windows. Even if the glass isn’t broken, there is a chance that the seal around the windows or other parts of the window frame might get broken. 

If that happens, you will need to replace the window and hire a professional who has knowledge and experience on how to handle such delicate situations. Professionals not only know how best to clean windows without damaging the glass but they can also spot any potential weak spots or small cracks off your windows before they worsen and become an even bigger problem.

Prevent Injury and Accidents

Cleaning windows can be very hazardous to your health. Many people have been injured using old-fashioned window cleaning tools such as ladders and aluminum poles. Nowadays there are better and safer procedures and equipment used by professional window cleaners so accidents no longer occur. There is no need to take risks with your safety and the structure of your home – let skilled professionals safely clean your windows for you.

Give You Amazing Results

What makes outside windows different from inside ones? If you hire a professional window cleaner to clean the one inside your home, you won’t have to worry about cleaning it again for at least a month. That’s right, hiring a window cleaner takes so much pressure off of any homeowner and that is because professionals use specialized equipment and techniques that will lead to sparkling windows and glass that feel good on the fingers. The way to get crystal clear home-exterior windows is by hiring professionals instead of monitoring them yourself. As soon as you see the kind of results they get, you will be glad that you hired them.

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We’re dedicated to making sure your windows look great and feel even better! Whether you’ve just moved into your home or your window is looking tired or dirty, our professional cleaners can help transform it by removing any grime and dirt. Your windows will once again be clean without having to move anything around, leaving you free to do other things. Our services are great value for money, removing tough stains. Our team has many years experience helping Ottawa homeowners like you keep that shine on their windows, no matter how big the mess! Whether this is your first time with us or you want to make a change, we can handle all of your window cleaning needs.

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residential window cleaning ottawa