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Whether you’re welcoming a potential new employee or client to your office for the first time, it’s important to make a good impression. One way you can ensure that these first meetings go as smooth as possible is by keeping your office in top condition at all times. Whether it’s ensuring that there’s enough hand sanitizer in your dispensers, changing rolls of bathroom tissue, booking a professional office cleaning service to clean your offices will not only ensure a clean and inviting place free from clutter and sanitary but also give off the impression that you value high standards!

Whether you run a small business or are part of a large corporation in Ottawa, creating a clean and tidy workspace is very important – it’s about ensuring that your employees and clients have a pleasant space to work in, free from grime and germs. When people visit your office, they will know straight away if you value cleanliness – it will be evident right from the smell when they walk in! We understand how stressful it can be trying to find the best housekeepers for home or office cleaning, so we’ve done all the hard work for you by having them in one place ready to serve you!

Why Choose us for Office Cleaning Services in Ottawa?

Hiring trained professionals for your office cleaning needs helps you feel confident that your facility will be professionally cleaned from top-to-bottom, inside and out. Our service is customizable to whatever standards you have when it comes down to keeping your Ottawa office clean in a way that enhances the professionalism of your space. Whether you need a thorough one-time clean in preparation for a big presentation or a small remodelling project done inside your office, we can help! 

No matter the nature or size of your business, you can be sure that we can help you with an array of cleaning services. We select our employees carefully and make sure that they are trained to perform at their best in order to provide quality office cleaning service each time in Ottawa. Over the years, we have earned the trust and loyalty of our clients based on the range of services we offer as well as our commitment to honesty and competitive pricing.

Don't Let Cleaning Ruin Your Plans!

Let us do the hard work for you

Why you need office cleaning in Ottawa

Your office is not only the place where you work with your colleagues, but it is also where you entertain your clients, where you often meet with people to discuss business issues with them. And because of this, your office is a place where all kinds of germs are very likely to accumulate. High-touch surfaces are the main thing you should worry about. All kinds of germs, bacteria, viruses, fungi etc. are very easy to spread from one person to another. 

You or your colleagues can easily contaminate the office with all kinds of germs. And all of these germs are capable of causing different kinds of infections, illnesses, diseases etc. And if you have clients visiting the office on a regular basis, then it is only reasonable to assume that they can carry all kinds of germs with them. And if you are not careful, these germs can easily contaminate your office. So make sure you regularly call an office cleaning company to come and clean your office every once in a while!

What Does Standard Office Cleaning & Sanitizing Services Include?

An office cleaner will be sure to thoroughly clean all of the spaces in your office building no matter how big or small they are. They will grab a vacuum if you need them to clean up any carpeting in the reception area, kitchen, or in an area where your employees have designated it as a playroom. Also in spaces allocated for office gyms.

Tile, hardwood, vinyl and laminate flooring will be cleaned based on the individual needs of each type of surface being cleaned after being thoroughly touched up. All furniture inside the office is dusted as well as every refrigerator door grab handle wiped down. In addition, door casings are well taken care of as well as the doorknobs themselves along with banisters and furnishings throughout the whole house or apartment being cleaned so that everything shines from top to bottom!


  • Wipe and/or dust flat surfaces
    like offices, etc.
  • Empty the recycling bins and drop the contents in the agreed place.
  • Placement of plastic bags, the contents of the bins and their disposal.
  • Floor maintenance
  • Periodically clean textile coverings (targeted cleaning or vacuuming)
  • Dusting and cleaning of computers, photocopiers, all office equipment.
  • Clean and disinfect the door handles.
  • Cleaning and maintenance of carpets, rugs and rugs.
  • Passage of the dry mop 
  • Passage of the vacuum cleaner.
    Washing floors, Wet mop.

Reception Area

  • Wipe and/or dust flat surfaces
    (counter shelves, etc.)

  • Touch screens and/or keyboards used for
    visitor registration

  • Floor maintenance

  • Elevator buttons and panels

  • Polish shiny surfaces such as mirrors /

  • Door handles

  • Clean and disinfect surfaces often if necessary
    touched with a durable cleaning solution

Conference Room

  • Wipe and/or dust the conference table (s)
  • Periodically clean textile coverings
    (targeted cleaning or vacuuming)
  • Empty the trash
  • Clean whiteboards and screens
  • Floor maintenance

Break rooms / kitchen areas /Bathroom

  • Empty the trash
  • Wipe down benches, shelves and tables
  • Clean the sink and the surfaces around the sink
  • Wipe all surfaces like traces
  • Wipe other contact surfaces such as handles. Remember the refrigerator handle!
  • Polish shiny surfaces like stainless steel
  • Wipe the floors
  • Bathroom cleaning: sinks, washbasins, lavatories, urinals, soap dishes and mirrors.

Don't Let Cleaning Ruin Your Plans!

Let us do the hard work for you


Sarah R

The team is friendly, knowledgable and thorough, and they did a great job with our carpets. They are quick, efficient and gave us tips on after care. They are very reasonable with pricing and was are flexible with timing to fit around us (and bonus points for being very friendly with guests that we had staying with us at the time!). I wouldn’t hesitate to use thier services again, and I highly recommend to anyone needing carpets cleaned properly and efficiently.

Zack M

Julienne and her partner did a fantastic job cleaning my house. There was far more work than I had assumed, and because of their incredible attention to detail, and strong work ethic they completed not only what I had asked them to do, but a great deal more. I would recommend Julienne and her partner Grant to do anything they bid on. Thanks again julienne and Grant.

Charlotte F

We first booked them for a deep clean of our carpets, and before the carpet clean was done we booked them to take over our regular cleanings as well. The team is so professional, such a joy to work with, and are so knowledgeable about their work—the house has never looked better, and we love working with them! I can't recommend them highly enough, and everyone I know who uses them says the same (we've referred them to several people, and we were referred to them by a colleague!) Such a gem, don't miss out on working with them.

Alicia G

I wasn't expecting much as I only had a small job not worth much. But the team was very professional treated me just like I was his biggest customer, and went above and beyond my expectations. Have recommended and will continue to.

    Our staff are qualified

    We have a team specially trained in order to satisfy you. Our housekeepers are professional and punctual. A follow-up is carried out after each task by the quality control manager to ensure that the work carried out by our professional housekeepers meets the real needs requested by the customer.

    Satisfaction guaranteed

    We guarantee total satisfaction to our customers in terms of housekeeping in Ottawa. Our cleaners will offer you superior quality work because they care about the satisfaction of our customers. Also, note that our company has liability insurance that gives you peace of mind.


    We do everything we can to make our services as affordable as possible without compromising on quality. By employing the right amounts of help at the right times, for example by using some dedicated outsourcing, we're able to ensure that our costs are kept under control which makes a big difference to our cash flow and ultimately allows us to put more money back into investment so we can continue to provide the best possible quality of service at a competitive price.

    Our Passion for the Environment

    With our Residential and Commercial cleaning services, we pay attention to the environment. The goal of our ecological and green cleaning program is to minimize the impact that cleaning products have on the health of our clients. All our products are biodegradable and ecological. For our cleaning teams, respect for nature and the environment is important.

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