Move In & Move Out Cleaning Services

Move In & Move Out Cleaning Services

Moving? Let Our Professionals Handle the Cleaning for You!

Moving from one Ottawa home to another is a time-consuming and exhausting process, not to mention stressful. Instead of having to do your own move-out and move-in cleaning services, choose us and let our professional staff handle the hard work for you. We’ll provide exterior, porch/deck, garage/basement, bathroom, bedroom, kitchen and living room thorough cleanings as well as hauling off whatever junk we took out! 

Our cleaning services are fully customizable depending on the size of property you need to be cleaned or the type of service that will best suit your specific needs. We’ll even give you a free estimate ahead of time so there are no added costs after its completion. With elite-level move-out and move-in cleaning services from our trained professionals, you’ll be able to focus on making sure every other part of your move goes as smoothly it possibly can.

Move In/Out Cleaning Services Include:

Moving to a new place can be an inconvenience because of transportation issues or problems with your new place being ready before you are. We understand this struggle which is why we have professional cleaners who are trained to concentrate on cleaning specific parts of your home that will need the most attention after all of your belongings have been moved into place.

Before you can move out, your residence needs to be cleaned thoroughly by a professional cleaning crew. It might also be necessary if you are moving into a rental property or selling your home. One way that you can ensure that all of your belongings are properly organized, detailed and ready for transport is by working with us.


Remove cobwebs, Clean/ Tidy inside of cabinets/ drawers, Clean light fixtures, Clean light switches, Clean inside of refrigerator, Clean faucet and sink- including drain! Sweep & Mop the floor, Clean inside/outside of the microwave, Clean baseboards. Clean countertops. Clean electrical outlets. Clean entire oven including latches on the side. Tidy up the stove. Wash dishes!


Clean mirrors, Cleaning of all vanities, Clean sinks, Polish faucet, Wipe inside/out, cabinets and drawers, Dust/Wipe vents, Clean tub & shower, Clean toilet (behind as well), Clean Baseboards lightly to preserve shine, Remove cobwebs from ceiling fans but not so much that you lose your way should you have to leave in an emergency or hurry back home due to something like a telemarketer incident.


Clean all the horizontal surfaces, wipe down all windowsills, tracks & blinds, clean all of the ceiling fans, including lights, clean out all light fixtures, sweep and damp mopping floors as needed as well as dust any high places as needed with a vacuum.

Living areas/Dining Room

Clean all windowsills, tracks & blinds. Wipe down all horizontal surfaces. Clean sliding glass doors. Clean all light fixtures. Wipe down all closets. Clean all floors. Dust corners (high/low). Remove cobwebs. Sweep patio/balcony area. Clean baseboards. Clean fireplace.

How Much Does a Move In/Out Cleaning Cost?

When setting a budget for your move-out cleaning, the main thing to remember is that you don’t have to clean it all at once. It’s cheaper to hire someone to do the work for you! What’s great about hiring professionals is that they can perform a thorough walk-through of your home or business before developing an estimate. This eliminates any guesswork in terms of their labour costs because you’ll know exactly how much time to allocate for each area when writing up your budget.

Schedule Your Move In/Out Cleaning Today

Moving is incredibly difficult and we understand that. Hopefully, you’re not doing it too often and you’re not making a huge move like selling your property after purchasing a new house because that’s when the real pressure comes in! Our cleaning team is available to help get your home ready for visitors or buyers so no one will walk away disappointed. 

The last thing anyone wants to do is get rid of their family home, choosing to instead clean it up thoroughly so there’s no mess for people to pick apart. No matter if you need help getting started with un-cluttering your home, or if you want us to just come through and give everything a once-over we can do that! Whatever kind of cleaning service you require for your residential home — we’re here to help!

Don't Let Cleaning Ruin Your Plans!

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