All of our cleaning teams are specially trained to give you the best mattress cleaning service you can dream of.

Ottawa Mattress Cleaning Service

Enjoy a Clean Fresh Mattress and a Great Night Sleep!

We offer mobile mattress cleaning services in Ottawa and Gatineau area. After our cleaning, your stained or dirty mattresses will find a second youth and their lifespan will be extended. We perform injection, extraction cleaning or steam cleaning. The products we used are anti bacterial and anti mites. 

Our experienced carpet cleaners always use ecological products that are both powerful to eradicate parasites and harmless to your health. So be sure that the cleaning procedure is completely harmless and will only result in a deodorized and thoroughly cleaned mattress.

Cleaning blood, wine, urine or any orther stains on a mattress is often not a luxury. The smell of urine encrusted in a mattress will not go away with the snap of a finger, a deep mattress cleaning will be necessary.  Steam cleaning will be combined with injections of disinfectant and deodorant into the mattress. This method ensures the elimination of odors at the source in the mattress.

Our Mobile Mattress Cleaning Process

Cleaning your mattress at home is possible, we protect your floor and we steam clean it without chemicals and we keep your bedroom clean without leaving any drop of water, trust our team and benefit from a service of efficient cleaning in your home

We begin the mattress cleaning service with a pre-inspection and documentation for any pre-existing conditions such as discoloration, type of mattress or age. We do not clean your mattress topper, only the physical mattress itself. We can only clean spring mattresses and we do not recommend a hot water extraction method on memory foam mattresses, as wet foam may not dry completely and may result in secondary damage.

Our mattress cleaners will check the entire mattress to remove insoluble debris, such as dirt, hair, and gritty soil. Next, we spot the treated areas that may require special attention. This is a common step if you are trying to get animal accidents out of your mattress.

Then, using the cleaning wand, we deep clean your mattress with warm water and our residue-free cleaning solution. The wand also extracts water and cleaning solution using a powerful truck-mounted vacuum to help your bed dry as quickly as possible, capturing moisture and loose dirt from the fabric. In the case of cotton or natural cellulosic rayon, it is important to understand that our mattress cleaners cannot always inject hot solutions into the fabric due to the risk of the fabric browning. This process may require the use of cotton shampoo to cleanse safely.

You have the option of adding an air freshener to your mattress after cleaning. Our deodorant neutralizes them immediately at the source, without masking the smell. A key part of our mattress cleaning service is making sure to speed up drying time. It is important to be aware of the possibility of wicking, the process by which a stain might reappear as the moisture evaporates and brings the stain to the surface. Finally, we make sure to inspect your mattress to make sure you are happy with the result. Your mattress should be dry in 5 to 8 hours.

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Mattress Cleaning Ottawa

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Save yourself time and stress by hiring the team that has your ultimate satisfaction in mind. Rush off to work with dirty bathrooms, messy counters and un-swept floors, knowing that you will come home to a clean and tidy house. We understand that having a clean, organized home lets you live freely.

Our Services include: House Cleaning, Office Cleaning, Carpet Cleaning, Window Cleaning, Odour Removal, Airbnb Cleaning, Post Construction – Renovation Cleaning, Event Cleaning, Pressure Washing, Mold Removal, Spring Cleaning, Asbestos Removal, Condo And Apartment Cleaning, Furniture Cleaning, Move-In & Out Cleaning, Junk Removal.

Let us take care of the dirty work while you spend more time doing the things you love.

Our staff are qualified

We have a team specially trained in order to satisfy you. Our housekeepers are professional and punctual. A follow-up is carried out after each task by the quality control manager to ensure that the work carried out by our professional housekeepers meets the real needs requested by the customer.

Satisfaction guaranteed

We guarantee total satisfaction to our customers in terms of housekeeping in Ottawa. Our cleaners will offer you superior quality work because they care about the satisfaction of our customers. Also, note that our company has liability insurance that gives you peace of mind.


We do everything we can to make our services as affordable as possible without compromising on quality. By employing the right amounts of help at the right times, for example by using some dedicated outsourcing, we're able to ensure that our costs are kept under control which makes a big difference to our cash flow and ultimately allows us to put more money back into investment so we can continue to provide the best possible quality of service at a competitive price.

Our Passion for the Environment

With our Residential and Commercial cleaning services, we pay attention to the environment. The goal of our ecological and green cleaning program is to minimize the impact that cleaning products have on the health of our clients. All our products are biodegradable and ecological. For our cleaning teams, respect for nature and the environment is important.

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Frequently Ask Question About Our Mattress Cleaning Service

Our exclusive service includes separate steps for preconditioning, stain treatment and deep extraction rinse. This procedure allows you to get the deepest mattress cleaning possible without leaving residue in the mattress after cleaning. Our company also has strict requirements for the technicians who represent cleaning our company

After our Ultra Clean service, the mattresses are left slightly damp to the touch. Most mattresses usually dry in 4 to 5 hours. However, areas that require additional cleaning or preconditioning may take longer to dry. If drying time is an issue, we can take special measures to try to speed up this process for you.

Yes, our mattress cleaning includes removing stains. Our service includes the treatment of all stains and dirt that have not stained the fibers of your mattress. Red dye stains and animal stains are examples of stains that can permanently stain or discolour mattresses. Our mattress cleaners are experts in dealing with difficult stains.

Yes. Our proprietary treatments can generally remove urine stains from your mattress. Our enzymatic treatment can remove both stains and unpleasant odors, leaving your mattress fresh and sanitized. * In severe cases, odor and stain removal may not be able to be completely removed.

No, our service is carried out at your home without removing the mattress from the room it occupies. Whenever possible, we ask that you remove all sheets and duvets before our arrival.

We generally ask 3 things of our customers:

– Open the blinds and curtains of the rooms to be cleaned so that the mattress is as bright as possible.

– Remove all sheets and duvets.

– Turn on ceiling fans to promote quick drying.