How to use a steam cleaner

Steam cleaning – natural and chemical free

Simple, clean and environmentally friendly, steam is the most natural way to clean, and an ideal alternative to chemical cleaning methods. Steam cleaners can be used in many ways, from cleaning surfaces and household appliances to ironing and caring for textiles. The use of steam saves you time and is ideal for daily cleaning of surfaces or for annual deep cleaning.

How steam cleaning makes our lives easier.

Long before humans envisioned cleanliness, steam would come out of the ground in volcanoes and geysers, but it wasn’t until the 1700s that people began to harness the power of steam for practical applications. . Steam cleaning is quite simply one of the most modern applications of a natural energy source.

Why is steam cleaning environmentally friendly?

Quite simply, steam cleaning doesn’t require chemicals – the combination of the power of steam and temperature is enough to destroy stubborn dirt. That means it’s good for the environment and for your household budget.

Steam cleaning relieves nature and its resources: not only do you not use chemicals, but you also avoid the packaging and the resources required to dispose of them. Tap water is also a particularly effective means of cleaning when it is transformed into steam: a single liter of tap water creates 1,700 liters of steam, enough to steam clean for 20 minutes, or all. a small apartment. And because electricity is only needed when the water is heated, energy consumption is also kept to a minimum.

Why is steam cleaning healthier?

Unlike detergents, condensed steam sheets don’t leave potentially allergenic residue on surfaces, which is great for kids who put it all in their mouths! It also prevents accidents caused by the use of the wrong cleaning product, or skin irritation and other negative health effects.

Steam is also ideal for allergy sufferers, as it binds dust and does not push allergens such as dust mites and their excretions into the air. It dramatically improves air quality and, of course, reduces physical strain, as there is no need to rub and the steam does the work for you!

Discover water as a new cleaning agent

Why does steam have such a powerful cleaning effect?

The secret to steam cleaning is the combination of the breath of steam and temperature. Not only is it easier to clean dirt, but you can also access hard-to-reach areas much easier and therefore clean more thoroughly, without any chemicals. In some cases, the cleaning power of the steam can be supplemented by mechanical cleaning, for example with a brush or a cloth. In addition, since the generation of steam also removes minerals from the water, our devices do not leave any residue or traces of lime.

Why is everything faster and easier with steam?

Steam means speed – even the most stubborn grime and grease is dissolved and removed in seconds, and tedious cleanings are usually not necessary. Steam saves you time even when ironing – laundry doesn’t require additional moisture and creases are removed much faster.

Best of all, you only need one device for all your cleaning tasks: a steam cleaner.

How does a steam cleaner work?

A steam cleaner works on the same principle as a pressure cooker: the water is heated in a sealed boiler until it boils, which creates steam. It takes between one and six minutes per liter of water, depending on the device.

When the water boils, steam is applied in measured amounts by the steam gun. The higher the steam pressure, the faster the steam is expelled and the greater the power of dissolving dirt. The pressure in the boiler reaches up to 4 bars, depending on the type of appliance. Top Tips: Steam forms best when the tank is not completely full. The use of hot water speeds up the heating process.

Good to know :
  • Steam is environmentally friendly: it uses no cleaning products and consumes little water.
  • Steam ensures hygienic cleanliness, even in hard-to-reach places.
  • Steam cleans effortlessly – forget about scrubbing and polishing.
  • Steam is healthier – no cleaning products are needed.
  • Steam is versatile: it can be used to clean kitchens, bathrooms or windows, as well as for ironing and on textiles.
  • Steam saves time – cleaning is faster with steam.
  • Steam saves money because no cleaning agent is needed.