How to Strip Linoleum Floors

Office cleaning: lino floor stripping

Linoleum or lino is a floor covering made from hot coated canvas. Stripping is the process of cleaning a linoleum or PVC floor in order to remove any dirt. Depending on the type of coating, the cleaning company’s tools and stripping method differ. What are the different tools that facilitate professional cleaning?

How to strip a linoleum or PVC floor using a microfiber broom?

To clean and shine a linoleum floor, a cleaning company can use a microfiber mop. This tool is very effective for professional cleaning of large areas or public places.

How to strip a lino floor with wax milk?

Milk wax is an effective natural stripper for professional deep cleaning of your floor. If you want a brighter, more waxed look, repeat the process several times until you get the desired result. Besides the wax bed and the microfiber mop, there is another simple and effective way to clean and shine lino in a natural way, without using chemicals. The cleaning company should just use baking soda and 90 ° alcohol.

How can a cleaning company strip alcohol and baking soda lino flooring?

90 ° alcohol is an effective solvent for cleaning and shining linoleum flooring. As for baking soda, it is slightly abrasive, which makes cleaning easier. For any stripping, you must:

  • Put two liters of hot water in a container;
  • Add half a glass of baking soda and mix well;
  • Wash the floor with this mixture using a mop;
  • Then mix 3 tablespoons of 90 ° alcohol in 1 liter of lukewarm water;
  • Also wash the floor with this mixture.