How to Remove Epoxy from Nearly Any Surface

Ecological cleaning of epoxy resin

Also called epoxy, epoxy resin is a chemical product generally used in the construction industry as paint or glue. The epoxy resin is made up of two components which make it difficult to clean. Here are some simple and effective tips for cleaning epoxy resin from hands, clothes and floors. What products then facilitate professional cleaning of epoxy resin?

Epoxy resin: which products to use for ecological skin cleansing?

For professional and natural cleaning of traces of resin present on the skin, you must:

  • For a few drops of vegetable oil into the hands, then massage the skin properly with this oil;
  • Then add a pinch of baking soda and rub the area again gently;
  • Finally, rinse with soapy water and then with clear water.

How do I professionally clean my clothes if I come in contact with epoxy resin?

When you are working with resin and a drop of it stains your garment, it can be cleaned. To do this, you will only have to soak the stained part and then rub it properly. Repeat this operation several times to be sure that there is no trace of resin left on the fibers of your garment.

How to professionally clean the epoxy resin on the floor?
For a professional cleaning of traces of resin on your floor, simply mop or clean the floor with a sponge dampened with soapy water beforehand. Then use a squeegee to remove excess water.

You can also entrust the cleaning of your floor to a qualified cleaning company.