How To Disinfect Your Door handles

With the current concept linked to the health crisis, everything must be disinfected to limit the spread of Covid-19. Although the usual barrier measures are well respected, the equipment and materials used in professional premises can be real agents of transmission from one individual to another: elevator buttons, switches, furniture, etc. We are particularly interested in door handles, which not everyone can afford to avoid. How to disinfect the door handles? Let’s offer you the best solutions to clean this material.

Why is it important to disinfect public places?

The transmission of the disease linked to the Coronavirus occurs between people by contact: the mouth, the nose, etc. ; or by postilions: coughing, sneezing, etc.

Although these measures are followed, the virus can survive on surfaces, ranging from a few hours to a few days, depending on the nature of the support and the surrounding conditions. This means that the disease is also transmitted by contaminated surfaces. We cannot therefore claim zero risk, especially in a place very frequented by the public. In a business, a business or just a busy place, it is important to always be careful.

Failure to apply a minimum hygiene rule can strongly favor the spread of Covid-19. This would be a danger for the employees, but also for the customers. This will for sure affect the development of your business.

Doorknobs: Real microbial sources

Cleaning furniture, floors or cutlery in a restaurant seems like a trivial matter. But some equipment, despite being real germ nests, is most of the time very neglected. Door handles fall into this category. Cleaning the other equipment and materials used in your workplace would not be effective against Covid-19, if the door handles are not disinfected properly. These are the surfaces most manipulated and highly exposed to the deadly virus. It is therefore important to put in place effective measures to improve the hygiene and health security of the place concerned.

How to clean your door handles?

But how do you disinfect door handles? Well, always remember to provide hydroalcoholic gels near your entrances. People who pass by will think about using it. However, in addition to this option, the handles must be well cleaned to eliminate the risk of contamination. Some types of more modernized handles may be more immune than others, but that does not mean that the spread of germs is zero. To minimize health risks, the equipment should be cleaned several times a day.

Efficient cleaning with suitable products

Using a simple cloth with water is not enough to clean a device or equipment! But how do you effectively disinfect door handles?

Here are some ideas carefully selected for you:

  • Place anti-microbial adhesive films on the door handles, there is a permanent antimicrobial film which you can find on
  • Clean Zone Protect;
  • Clean with household alcohol, easy and convenient;
  • Use white vinegar to disinfect the surface in a natural way;
  • Disinfect with essential oils, with a restriction for certain uses to be checked before use;
  • Use silver stone, a very ecological and economical disinfectant.

It’s up to you to choose the option that suits you best depending on the room to be cleaned. Disinfecting your door handles is essential for everyone’s health!