How To Clean Your Pool

To cool off at home and also enjoy the heat and the sun without having to do a lot of work for the installation of a swimming pool, many opt for the installation of tubular pools and above-ground pools. Like traditional swimming pools, this type of installation also requires special maintenance if it is to be enjoyed for several years. However, since these pools are not generally used during winter, it is essential to clean them and then put them away in order to preserve them. Here are details on how to professionally clean a swimming pool prior to storage.

Do a professional cleaning of your pool before putting it away.

To clean of your swimming pool, you must bring:

  • A brush ;
  • A landing net;
  • A vacuum robot.

The brush remains an essential accessory during professional pool cleaning, as it effectively cleans the walls. The landing net will be used to remove leaves and insects that are on the surface of the water. If you think that cleaning the dirt from the bottom of the pool is too tedious a task, then choose a robot vacuum cleaner.

Once you have all these accessories at your disposal, you can proceed with the actual cleaning by emptying the pool first. Once it’s empty, use the brush and soapy water to thoroughly clean all the walls. As soon as all the waste has been removed, it should then be stored and allowed to dry completely. You can then store it and only take it out when the sun reappears.