How to clean your patio after winter?

Unlike your indoor space, the terrace is exposed. After winter, it is no longer clean. However, it is possible to do a spring cleaning, and especially to be green.

To achieve this, the use of chlorine is not recommended. Although it is a more effective solution to deal with soiling, it is not beneficial for your flowers and plants surrounding the patio.

Opt for a floor washer! Taking the shape of a brush, the floor mop allows you to clean deeply and avoid the mess with the power of the jet. However, the cleaning tips are specific to each surface.

Stone and tiled terraces

For a stone patio, the use of a broom is recommended. With the help of a little elbow grease, lukewarm water and soda crystals, you will get rid of the dirt. A second wash with Marseille soap can be done to best remove large stains.

For tiled surfaces, the principle remains the same. However, the use of baking soda is helpful in removing deep stains. After applying this solution, you should now rinse the surface with clean water.

Concrete and wooden terraces

High-pressure cleaning is recommended for concrete decks, as this type of surface is more resistant. As a precaution, the power of the jet should be reduced so that it is not too strong on the cleaned surface. Using the water + baking soda solution is convenient.

On the other hand, wooden terraces, with a brush combined with lukewarm water and black soap, will regain their shine. Rub and rinse with clean water! After cleaning, you can apply linseed oil to the surface with a cloth.

Now that you know how to clean your patio after winter, make the most of the good weather on your patio throughout the spring.