Few Tips On How to Clean Carpet

You need to maintain your carpet yourself and you are looking for tips on how to clean it effectively with natural products without damaging the original colour of your carpet. Well, here are some tips that will get you going for your wash:

1. Give your carpet a good vacuum to remove all the dust.

2. Then use baking soda or this mixture (lemon juice (5 lemons) + 15g salt + 30g starch and 30g grated white soap) to pour over the entire surface of the carpet.

3. Carefully brush the carpet.

This will allow the baking soda or mixture to penetrate the fibers of your carpet well. Insist on the places where there are stains.

4. Wait for 2 to 3 hours

Let the baking soda or mixture work. Remember to rinse with vinegar water first and then plain water.

5. Finally, iron the vacuum cleaner

Pass it one way and then the other as well. Impeccable result !!! The cleaning is done and your carpet is clean, deodorized and the colours are revived. Always a little bonus!

You can also use these tips for rugs. It works wonderfully.

So, if these tips interest you, feel free to try one of them and let us know in the comments how you find it.