Graffiti Removal Ottawa

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Professional Graffiti Removal Service in Ottawa

Graffiti and other tags are a scourge for many homeowners, businesses and even municipalities. The degradation of premises by graffiti is undoubtedly one of the most widespread forms of vandalism, by its frequency and its extent. Every day in Canada, dozens of private, professional or public premises are subject to such degradation, both in town and in the countryside. This delinquency has a considerable cost for the community. 

Removing graffiti is not an easy thing and it requires the expertise of a professional for a perfect result (total disappearance of the graffiti) without damaging the surface or the tagged coating. Several techniques are available for a satisfactory result. The technique to use depends on several factors, including the surface (wall, floor, garage door, window, etc.), the materials that have been vandalized (concrete, wood, stone, wallpaper, PVC, glass surfaces, etc. .) and the type of graffiti (the type of paint used, etc.).

We have several years of experience in graffiti removal and many mobile units. We can therefore come on-site (residential, commercial and industrial) for your various graffiti removal needs. Do not hesitate to contact us for a free estimate. We make it a point of honour to respect the safety standards. Our experts work in the best conditions to offer you the best of their experience.

Graffiti Removal Technique

Hydrogommage, also called aerogommage consists in the projection at low pressure of aggregates mixed or not with water (we speak of hydrogommage when there is addition of water to the mixture and airbrushing when the aggregates are only mixed with air). With its abrasive but non-aggressive effect, this cleaning technique is particularly effective for many types of graffiti.

Another technique is called chemical erasure. This process involves spraying, at high pressure on the vandalized surface, an anti-spectrum product which has the effect of removing the dyes impregnated in the surface affected in the graffiti. To ensure the best respect for the environment, the chemicals in the solution are biodegradable. One of the disadvantages of this method is that the products used are toxic.

It is also possible to use the recovery technique. According to this method, our experts first try to blur the graffiti using a bleach or solvent. Once the graffiti has faded, it is a matter of making it disappear completely by applying to the affected surface one or more coats of paint which will complete the removal of the remaining traces of the graffiti. This method is often preferred because it is very respectful of the surface to be treated. However, it can be time consuming since after the tedious step of blurring the graffiti, sometimes it takes several coats of paint to completely remove the traces of the mischief.

Stripping involves applying to the graffiti that you want to remove a gelled solvent in the form of a paste. This technique has the advantage that it can be used in all possible situations. However, although the solvents used are biodegradable, the products used remain very harmful.

Solubilization consists of using powerful solvents which will act directly on the graffiti and allow its dissolution. However, the use of this technique is not possible on certain surfaces or fragile monuments, such as historical monuments for example.

Finally, the discoloration allows, thanks to the application by spraying of bleaching agents, to make the pigments used by the graffiti colorless, thus making the graffiti disappear. This technique is particularly effective for graffiti made with markers. Aeronet’s specialist graffiti cleaning teams have a perfect command of these various graffiti cleaning techniques and will find the solution that best suits your situation.