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Fences serve many roles. Beyond looking great and adding curb appeal to your home, they protect your house and pets, help establish property lines and can provide privacy and security to your family. Fences should be taken care of as much as possible as it may damage the overall structure as well as increase the risk of someone being injured from collisions whether it be with a person or an object. When you hire our fence pressure washing team from Renaissance Renovations you can relax knowing that all those nasty grime spots will be gone before long!

The Benefits of Pressure Washing Your Driveway

Prepares for Finishing or Painting – If you’ve decided to give your house fence an exterior facelift, it may be necessary to thoroughly clean your fence so that it can support whatever it is you plan on covering it with. Before one takes their fence to the next level, they should ensure its foundation is in order beforehand as a clean fence ensures a clear look at the new colour or stain as well as giving it a smooth surface as opposed to something ragged and rough from weathering all those harsh seasons.

Fences can be damaged easily especially if it is exposed to dirt at all time. Fences that are made out of wood or vinyl, or fence boards that are made out of brick or PVC materials are more liable to damage like rain, mould and mildew buildup. This is because fences are not usually sheltered from moisture therefore must be clean every now and then.

An attractive fence can increase curb appeal, give your home more value and boost its overall appeal. You don’t want it to be an eyesore that turns would-be interested buyers away, which is why you should always hire to clean your fence on regular basics.

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We’re dedicated to making sure your fence, looks great and feels even better! Whether you’ve just moved into your home or your house fence is looking dirty, our professional pressure washer can help transform it by removing any mold, grime and dirt. Our team has many years of experience helping Ottawa homeowners like you keep that shine on their house fence, no matter how big the mess! Whether this is your first time with us or you want to make a change, we can handle all of your pressure washing cleaning needs.

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