Event Cleaning Ottawa

All of our cleaning teams are specially trained to give you the best event cleaning service you can dream of.

Best Event Cleaning Company in Ottawa

As an event or after-party cleaning company, we take care of the cleaning after your events in Ottawa.

We work with our team and professional equipment to make the places spotless after your event, trade fair, concert, wedding or any other reception in Ottawa.

  • Cleaning a trade show
  • Cleaning  before and after a seminar, a congress, a conference
  • Cleaning before and after marriage 
  • Cleaning before and after a ceremony, cocktail
  • Cleaning after a bachelorette party or bachelorette party
  • Reception room cleaning 
  • After Party cleaning 
  • Cleaning before and after a concert, a music festival
  • Cleaning before and after a gala dinner
  • Stand cleaning 
  • Cleaning before and after a show
  • Pop-up store cleaning, product launch

Our event cleaning service, includes the cleaning of the reception hall, floors, toilets, dressing rooms, dining room, cleaning of exteriors and gardens, waste management, clearing of bins, monitoring and restocking of sanitary refills …

We clean any event or demonstration in Ottawa regardless of the number of guests and the number of m² of the reception hall or reception area.

To receive a quote event cleaning service, tell us the place and date of the event, the type of reception, the different spaces to be cleaned, the number of m², the number of people invited to the reception, the presence of toilets and kitchens, the number of days of the event, the hourly need for cleaners.

After Party Event Cleaning

You had a great evening with all your friends and now you need to clean up? Our company offers you after-party cleaning services in Ottawa and Gatineau . You celebrated your birthday but there are confetti everywhere, the floor is sticky, you have to clean the kitchen? We clear the table, tidy the kitchen, throw the trash in the trash, clean the entire kitchen and wash the floors. We wash the windows if necessary. Washing the floors is often essential after a busy evening.

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