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Are there unsightly stains on your driveway? Are moss and leaf growths making it difficult to navigate around your driveway? Staining or even oil spots left by cars can make your driveway gross. However, with the right team of pressure washing experts in Ottawa, you’ll be able to clean off the messes to restore your driveway back to its original design!

We offer pressure washing services in Ottawa to wash away grime, moss, leaves, gum, oil spills, and other contaminants on your driveway and sidewalk. We do this using water pressure so you can be sure that your surfaces are cleaned without damaging their physical properties. This means that when you contact us, we know how to clean any surface whether it’s made of natural stone, concrete or brick.

The Benefits of Pressure Washing Your Driveway

Cleaning your driveway gives you curb appeal. It’s the final finishing touch to make sure your home is appealing to visitors. Having clean, crisp driveways create a beneficial impact on people who might want to buy your house in the future. 

Preserves surfaces. Poorly maintained driveways can attract all kinds of bugs and litter, from mosquitoes to dog waste! By hiring a professional driveway pressure washing service in Ottawa, you remove the risk of damage or costly repairs resulting from cracks and unwanted substances which can otherwise settle into your surface.

Ensures Safety. Even if your driveway looks fine, to eliminate potential trip hazards and make it safer to walk on, make sure you clean any visible areas of oil spills or grease buildup. Any moss or algae should also be eliminated. Also, you should make sure there are no cracks in the surface of your driveway caused by weed growth because these will not only look unattractive to possible visitors but they could also pose a tripping hazard for people passing by. It’s all about making it safe for guests while looking good too!

Cleaning your driveways regularly is the best way to protect us from dirty situations. We will clear out dirt, pollen and unwanted substances before they have a chance to get inside our homes, causing a variety of health issues.

Our Pressure Washing Process

We arrive on time with our equipment to clean your driveways, keeping them sparkling until your next service. Our professionals are careful not to damage any surrounding areas that may be sensitive due to rain or other weather conditions. Any leaves or debris are removed from the driveway first along with any dirt or mud, leaving it ready to be cleaned by our powerful power washing machine. If needed, we apply a degreaser and sweep away excess dirt and grime afterwards. We only use top-rated commercial equipment to rejuvenate your driveway’s surface and leave it perfectly clean for another year!

Why Hire us for your Ottawa Pressure Washing Needs

There are some things it’s better to leave to the experts. Carrying out a pressure washing job on your own home driveway can be time-consuming and hazardous. Not only do you have to rent or buy expensive equipment, mix chemicals, etc., but there’s also the risk of hurting yourself—not to mention that cleaning surfaces with too much water pressure can cause more damage than it fixes! Contact our pressure washing experts so you can rest easy knowing that your exterior property will be thoroughly cleaned by our skilled driveway pressure washer- without putting yourself or your family at any unnecessary risk.

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We’re dedicated to making sure your driveway, looks great and feels even better! Whether you’ve just moved into your home or your house exterior driveway is looking dirty, our professional pressure washer can help transform it by removing any grime and dirt. Our team has many years of experience helping Ottawa homeowners like you keep that shine on their house, no matter how big the mess! Whether this is your first time with us or you want to make a change, we can handle all of your pressure washing cleaning needs.

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Jason H

I called Mark yesterday and he was able to fit me in for today even though it was short notice. I had a small dirst on my driway that needed to pressure wash. Showed up on time, stuck to his original quote, and did an amazing job. He did this all while making sure the whole process was easy and painless for me!

Jasmine H

I hired Deandel Mastro's company to wash my gutters and driveway because I was tired of the buildup. The service was prompt, professional, and all-around excellent. They were able to come by the next day for an estimate and the work was done within a week's time frame. I will be recommending them to everyone who needs power washing services in Ottawa!

David M

The power washing I recieved from Deandel mastro was perfect. My house siding was really dirty and they came right down to the roof, but now you can't even tell they were there. Came back the next week and washed my driveway as well, now it's looking brand new! I would recommend them to anyone in Ottawa; they do a great job and are

Steve P

I recently had the opportunity to work with Deandel mastro on a power washing job for my home. I am happy to say that they did an excellent job! I was impressed by how thorough he was, and his attention to detail. The pressure washing team was very friendly, patient with my questions, and gave me really good advice on keeping my home looking great too! I would highly recommend

Adeline N

I did a lot of research to find a good power washing service in Ottawa, and I'm glad I did. They did a great job with my driveway and gutters, and they were super nice and professional. I'll definitely be recommending them to friends and family.

Jessica P

I was looking for a reliable power washing service in Ottawa and this company delivered! I was able to book an appointment online and the service was done in a couple of hours. The results were amazing! I can't believe how clean my driveway and gutters turned out to be. Definitely recommend!

    Our staff are qualified

    We have a team specially trained in order to satisfy you. Our housekeepers are professional and punctual. A follow-up is carried out after each task by the quality control manager to ensure that the work carried out by our professional housekeepers meets the real needs requested by the customer.

    Satisfaction guaranteed

    We guarantee total satisfaction to our customers in terms of housekeeping in Ottawa. Our cleaners will offer you superior quality work because they care about the satisfaction of our customers. Also, note that our company has liability insurance that gives you peace of mind.


    We do everything we can to make our services as affordable as possible without compromising on quality. By employing the right amounts of help at the right times, for example by using some dedicated outsourcing, we're able to ensure that our costs are kept under control which makes a big difference to our cash flow and ultimately allows us to put more money back into investment so we can continue to provide the best possible quality of service at a competitive price.

    Our Passion for the Environment

    With our Residential and Commercial cleaning services, we pay attention to the environment. The goal of our ecological and green cleaning program is to minimize the impact that cleaning products have on the health of our clients. All our products are biodegradable and ecological. For our cleaning teams, respect for nature and the environment is important.

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