Deconfinement - Disinfection Of Premises

Deconfinement is the moment for confined companies to resume activity and rebound in the market. Many companies are preparing their office or product site. However, with the Coronas virus pandemic, it is essential to apply sanitary measures to avoid contamination with the Covid 19 virus. Here are some tips for resuming your activities in complete sanitary hygiene.

How to prepare for the risk of infection

After a month of confinement there is a risk that the virus will be present on surfaces where it is necessary to disinfect the premises. Since the disinfection of premises is strongly recommended in the hospital and agri-food sectors, it is essential today to apply to all areas, given the rapidity of contamination by Covid-19.

Good to know: Disinfection is a cleaning process that aims to eliminate germs, bacteria and viruses. Its purpose is to reduce the number of microorganisms to such a level that the risk of transmission of infection can be eliminated in a particular application. Addict Cleaning Services offers cleaning and disinfection services for high dry or wet surfaces to minimize virus contamination.

To this Addict Cleaning Services adds manual disinfection for surfaces exposed to workers with specific products.

Who to call

In most cases, cleaning of surfaces and maintenance of work rooms in companies and on production sites are carried out by service companies. In the first line, maintenance agents, required to comply with new instructions issued by the Ministry of Labor, then the use of single-use gowns and household gloves, washing and wet disinfection to be preferred and more frequent cleaning of surfaces in contact with the hands (convivial spaces, staircase handrails, door handles, elevator buttons, etc.)

Prevent the risk of contamination between employees

The employer is responsible for the health and safety of its employees, stipulates the labor code. Consequently, he must “implement the necessary measures to avoid, or failing that, limit the risks as low as possible”, by resorting to teleworking when possible, or by organizing the working conditions accordingly: social distancing, rules hygiene, barrier gestures, reminder of sanitary instructions, provision of soap, gel, handkerchiefs …