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When you’re looking for carpet cleaning in Ottawa, you can count on us to restore your carpets to a cleaner, healthier state. Our customers have come to know that we provide a deeper-cleaning and more thorough process that makes for a longer-lasting clean and healthier home. We’ve developed professionally trained, hard-working and friendly carpet cleaners who take the time to understand your specific needs and ensure our carpet cleaning services in Ottawa are done by the book. 

We’ll bring your carpets back from their formerly dirty state into something fresh and new – perfect for family appreciation. In this way, it’s easier to envision children running around again without having to deal with an unwanted mess each time they do!

Why Choose us for Carpet Cleaning Services in Ottawa?

We know how choosing the right carpet cleaning company near you may not always be easy. Not only due to the fact that there are so many options available to you but also because there are times when you need carpet cleaners sooner rather than later – which can range from emergency situations to needing an expert carpet cleaning company who won’t give you any trouble when it comes down to making things happen at a moments notice like if your kids spilled drinks all over the living room floor for example. 

There’s nothing worse than having sticky carpets that you don’t want to clean on your own, especially since we know that sometimes, this is something that doesn’t happen very often. So shed those fears now and know that our friendly carpet cleaners will make sure they take good care of both your carpets and family!

Don't Let Your Dirty Carpet Ruin Your Plans!

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Our Carpet Cleaning Process in Ottawa

Your carpets are made of organic materials – they are natural, textured fabrics with millions of individual strands. That is why they can pick up all sorts of unwanted elements around your home, including dust, cigarette smoke residue, animal hair and normal household grime. These are just some of the nasty things that happen to us in our day-to-day lives! Chem-Dry is able to effectively clean the majority of these harmful pollutants by using a carbonated cleaning solution with hot water against your carpet’s fibers with millions of tiny bubbles. 

Those billions of bubbles not only lift any captured contaminants but also dissolve them so that when our powerful extraction equipment removes all the cleaning fluid with an airflow above 1000 feet per minute, your carpet stays dry in under two hours. We guarantee our services because we know how important it is for you to have a beautifully cleaned carpet in your home each time we visit!

Carpet Steaming Cleaning Ottawa

Our new technology steam cleaning system is a unique way to clean carpets and rugs because this process uses high-quality supplies to ensure complete spotless cleaning of your floor covering. We use a combination of cold and hot water extraction methods for our service, which typically means shorter drying times. 

This means the overwhelming majority of other carpet cleaning companies cannot help you achieve success, where our New Technology Steam Cleaning System can! In addition, we use professional equipment that blows the water from the fibers deep into the base for utmost success. Further yet, we specialize in saving time by using cutting-edge equipment that gives us an edge over these companies that only maintain their reputation by delivering outdated services to keep customers coming back!

Our new process doesn’t leave your carpets wet like most of our competitors, and that’s because we use a ground-breaking new system to extract dirt and water from your carpeting – technology which no one else we know of has! This system uses the same amount of water as others to clean carpets and upholstery (but only once – no need for more than one!) and it does so more efficiently! How? 

By using a patented three or four vacuum pick up tool, unlike our competitors just using an “ordinary” system with only one vacuum pickup, so we can extract 30–50% more dirt and water from your carpeting. And just as important as having cleaner carpets with less smell is the fact that the steam extraction process leaves them drier almost immediately after cleaning – until your next visit with us.

When to Schedule Professional Carpet Cleaning?

We recommend that you have your carpets cleaned as regularly as possible, but we understand that some people like to clean their own carpets as every two months as best practise. Regular carpet cleaning is recommended based on factors such as children and pets, which can make a difference to how often it may be necessary to get your carpets professionally dry-cleaned by a company like ours. 

There are some odors that can be deodourized or removed by ordinary means. However, it’s very important not to constantly mask an odor with a perfumed fragrance. It is unwise to undermine the effectiveness of long term solutions by using short-term tactics because you should not have to constantly put up with foul smells.

Schedule Your Carpet Cleaning Appointment Today!

We’re dedicated to making sure your carpet looks great and feels even better! Whether you’ve just moved into your home or your carpeting is looking tired or dirty, our professional cleaners can help transform it by removing any grime and dirt. 

Your carpets will once again be clean without having to move anything around, leaving you free to do other things. Our services are great value for money, removing tough stains. Our team has many years experience helping Ottawa homeowners like you keep that shine on their carpets, no matter how big the mess! Whether this is your first time with us or you want to make a change, we can handle all of your needs.

Don't Let Your Dirty Carpet Ruin Your Plans!

Let us do the hard work for you

Carpet cleaning In Ottawa


Sarah R

The team is friendly, knowledgable and thorough, and they did a great job with our carpets. They are quick, efficient and gave us tips on after care. They are very reasonable with pricing and was are flexible with timing to fit around us (and bonus points for being very friendly with guests that we had staying with us at the time!). I wouldn’t hesitate to use thier services again, and I highly recommend to anyone needing carpets cleaned properly and efficiently.

Zack M

Julienne and her partner did a fantastic job cleaning my house. There was far more work than I had assumed, and because of their incredible attention to detail, and strong work ethic they completed not only what I had asked them to do, but a great deal more. I would recommend Julienne and her partner Grant to do anything they bid on. Thanks again julienne and Grant.

Charlotte F

We first booked them for a deep clean of our carpets, and before the carpet clean was done we booked them to take over our regular cleanings as well. The team is so professional, such a joy to work with, and are so knowledgeable about their work—the house has never looked better, and we love working with them! I can't recommend them highly enough, and everyone I know who uses them says the same (we've referred them to several people, and we were referred to them by a colleague!) Such a gem, don't miss out on working with them.

Alicia G

I wasn't expecting much as I only had a small job not worth much. But the team was very professional treated me just like I was his biggest customer, and went above and beyond my expectations. Have recommended and will continue to.

    Our staff are qualified

    We have a team specially trained in order to satisfy you. Our housekeepers are professional and punctual. A follow-up is carried out after each task by the quality control manager to ensure that the work carried out by our professional housekeepers meets the real needs requested by the customer.

    Satisfaction guaranteed

    We guarantee total satisfaction to our customers in terms of housekeeping in Ottawa. Our cleaners will offer you superior quality work because they care about the satisfaction of our customers. Also, note that our company has liability insurance that gives you peace of mind.


    We do everything we can to make our services as affordable as possible without compromising on quality. By employing the right amounts of help at the right times, for example by using some dedicated outsourcing, we're able to ensure that our costs are kept under control which makes a big difference to our cash flow and ultimately allows us to put more money back into investment so we can continue to provide the best possible quality of service at a competitive price.

    Our Passion for the Environment

    With our Residential and Commercial cleaning services, we pay attention to the environment. The goal of our ecological and green cleaning program is to minimize the impact that cleaning products have on the health of our clients. All our products are biodegradable and ecological. For our cleaning teams, respect for nature and the environment is important.

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