Carpet Cleaning: Basic Housekeeping

Winter is here. So now is the time to prepare the rugs. And it’s always the same problem that comes up. How to ensure their cleanliness? Carpets are beautiful decorative elements. However, they also attract bacteria and germs. Apart from the small passage during a big cleaning, they need a specific carpet cleaning with the appropriate equipment. Does that sound complicated to you? The solution is simple. 

Call us and we’ll be right at your place to take care of your carpet. Our cleaners are regularly trained in the techniques of maintaining all the elements of the house. You will certainly be satisfied with our service.

A simple procedure for carpet cleaning

Unlike other types of cleaning, carpet maintenance does not require a visit. The quote will be sent to you instantly according to your description: number, size and type. As soon as you validate, the cleaning men and women of Carpet Cleaning will be at your place. We can perform the operation on site. But in case this is not possible, the officers can transfer your carpets to one of our premises for washing. 

We ensure the transfer by our means. You can watch the operation. Otherwise, we deliver it to you at the end of the operation. Carpet cleaning provided by Carpet Cleaning is available on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. The customer can therefore set in advance the pace of the intervention of our housekeepers. However, we also accept one-shot cleaning. Rest assured that you will be one of our loyal customers when you see the results.

Conduct of the carpet cleaning operation

The biggest concern of customers is product degradation. Indeed, they fear that cleaning will damage the carpet. Rest assured on this point. Our cleaners have extensive experience dealing with all types of fabrics and colours. We also use a wide variety of environmentally friendly products. These act effectively on the mat but without causing any damage. 

Apart from cleanliness, your goods will regain their lustre and shine after our intervention. Our men and women clean the carpet very gently. Without forgetting to carry out total disinfection which will eliminate up to 99% of bacteria. We will give you a disinfectant that you can apply from time to time. This operation will preserve your health and that of your loved ones in the current circumstances. Ménage Total guarantees you not only cleanliness but also hygiene.