5 Hygiene Tips You Need To Know

Hygiene is a set of practices aimed at preserving and improving health. It is of utmost importance to respect these hygiene rules in order to be prevented from communicable diseases in the community in order to fight against the sources of contamination and reduce the routes of transmission.

Note that hygiene measures revolve around:

Food hygiene, premises and equipment which must be applied on a daily basis and accentuated in the event of a declared infection. Here you will have some advice to follow for the hygiene of your premises.

Regular cleaning of surfaces

Regularly clean your floors and washable surfaces, not forgetting taps, door handles, flushing toilets, air conditioning, etc. Preferably use completely organic detergent all-purpose, non-toxic products. Regarding your floors, here is a little technique for you; that of the two buckets, one to wash (the bucket of soapy water) the other to rinse (the bucket of clean water)

Disinfection of premises

Disinfection is an operation of momentary elimination of germs finally destroying or preventing infection by pathogenic microorganisms or viruses.

In general, we talk about disinfection when we are in an epidemic situation as well as in the case of floors and surfaces soiled by biological fluids such as: urine, vomiting, blood, stool …

Waste disposal

Place waste in hard-sided garbage cans and wrap in heavy-duty garbage bags.

Toilet maintenance

Toilets should be treated with care and reflect ownership. Special cleanliness should be brought to the access to toilet paper, it should be possible to wash and dry hands. The toilets should be cleaned regularly: disinfect the board or the rim once a day. A descaling agent based on acetic acid (vinegar) is sufficient for the maintenance of the toilet bowl.

Hand maintenance

Constant hand washing is essential to prevent the spread of infectious germs and epidemics, as is the case with the Coronavirus.

  • Before eating
  • After the toilet
  • After each contact with bodily fluids
  • After blowing your nose or helping a child to blow their nose
  • After having touched a room surface or equipment in good condition