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(Monday, September 26, 2011 – Peterborough, ON) A local provincial election poll was conducted by Electright last evening in the Peterborough Riding. The poll was commissioned by Dean Del Mastro, Member of Parliament for the Peterborough Riding and paid for by the Peterborough Conservative Electoral District Association. The poll was of significant sample size and was conducted in response to polling numbers published last week in the local media.

“Given that many pollsters in the country are actively challenging each other’s findings in both the last federal and current provincial election, I was deeply concerned that publishing
numbers in the fashion as presented last week in the local media could significantly suppress voter participation.” stated MP Del Mastro. “These findings were not consistent with my sense of what was going on in the Riding and not consistent with polls of larger sample size in depict-ing the provincial mood.”

The Electright poll contacted in excess of 1000 local individuals, all of which are registered voters. The poll was computer randomized and was conducted between the hours of 7:00 and 8:00 pm on the evening on Sunday, September 25. The results of the poll clearly reveal a tight three-way race where every single vote will count.

“Many voters often feel that their vote doesn’t matter.” stated MP Del Mastro. “In fact, it is often cited by those that didn’t vote as their reason for not doing so. Clearly in this election, as with all elections, this is not the case. As a proponent of a strong and vibrant democracy I encourage all Peterborough Riding residents that are eligible to vote in this election to learn the issues and get involved.”

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